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18 February 1999
No. 1

Greetings from Yokosuka, Japan!

I am starting this newsletter to keep our families and friends informed of what's going on with us (Joey, Sol, J.D. and Jessica). Letter writing has been one of our struggles and I'm hoping this newsletter will help solve this problem. (This way, I only have to write a single generic letter to all of youJ ) You can also visit our family's website above.

Year 1998 was a good one for all of us. We transition from Sasebo to Yokosuka and moved from one navy housing to another. We found a good christian church here on base and celebrated Christmas with a musical concert called "Everlasting Light".  Visit our church's web page to view some pictures from that concert.
Also, view our valentine's couples night.

After a year of rest, Sol started the new year with a job at the Child Development Center as a GS-3 Federal employee. Jessica has started to wear her own eyeglasses, too. 150/100 is her prescription. JD is getting worst with a prescription of 500/550. Jessica as you know is at grade 2 and still bungi ang two front teeth. JD is at grade 4 and will turn 10 yrs old this June. He's excited to get his own military dependent ID. (Kami rin para may nauutusan kaming bumili sa storeJ ). Ako ay mataba pa rin. I guess this is one disadvantage of being at shore duty. Our tour here will last until Jan of 2001.

Dito na lang muna and hopefully I can keep this newsletter updated on a regular basis.

Peace man,

Joey Rodil
PSC 473 Box 107
FPO AP 96349-0107
U. S. A.